Digital Rail

Your Data, Your Value.

All businesses now have to exploit their data to thrive in the 21st century.

Digital Rail is a railway technology business that specialises in systems engineering and safety management using modern approaches including Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning.

We have provided significant consulting and training in the rail industry this past year in the UK, Canada, USA and Singapore.

Our mission is to turn railway data into value for clients in order for them to drive out waste and improve system resilience. This we do by bringing to bear data science, digital simulation and a deep railway domain knowledge.

Clients are safe in the knowledge that data will be secure and they will get real business benefits.

Big Data – How It Works

Our Clients & Partners

We are the Independent Safety Assessor for their system on the Shanghai Metro.

CENELEC EN50126/8/9 Railway RAMS and Safety Training provided.

Collaborating on Shanghai Metro Safety Assessment.

CENELEC EN50126/8/9 Railway RAMS and Safety Training provided.


Working with Thales on the Manchester Metro Tram Control System developing safety cases.

CENELEC EN50126/8/9 Railway RAMS and Safety Training provided.

Our Australian connection, partnered to provide training in Singapore

Strategic partner. Currently working on Big Data projects.

Helping with the new MSc in Railway Systems Safety and Risk.

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