About Us

infolabDigital Rail Limited have evolved out of the railway safety management and systems engineering domain. They are now combining computer science, statistics and systems engineering to deal with the growing complexity of railway systems which are a classic complex socio technological system.

We are embedded in the Data Science Institute at Lancaster University in the Infolab 21 facility.

We create and deliver highly specialised expertise through consulting, training and research, providing valuable knowledge and assistance to individuals, businesses and organisations around the world enabling them to deliver.

We are actively involved in developing intelligent and autonomous products for the railway with out industrial and University Partners.

The Digital Rail Team


Howard Parkinson

Over 20 years experience in the international railway industry working on infrastructure signalling ATP/ETCS, and railway systems integration projects at a senior level. Prior experience in Aerospace.

Has produced range of technical publications and research on railway reliability, safety and risk, refurbishment, condition monitoring and neural networks.

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Eddy Crompton

IT and Database Technical Manager. Eddy has over 40 years experience covering all levels within the IT project life cycle, applied to a variety of software projects, including Oracle, ERP, SAP, Financial, Air Traffic Control, petro-chemicals, avionics, e-commerce. More recently with big-data and machine learning projects. Eddy has outstanding knowledge of systems engineering and assurance, standards, QA procedures, testing at all levels, implementation, migration and support. He understands business implications of system implementations.
Attention to detail, supported by the appropriate application of quality procedures have been a dominating feature of the approach taken to project work and provision of consultancy services.