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digital-rail-servicesWe have worked world wide on a variety of railway projects both on the delivery, the assessment side and as a regulator/advisor.

We are a company that offers specialised consulting and assessment for the rail systems engineering and management, and railway system safety. We will provide expertise to enable organisations to understand systems and safety in order to carry out their duties better, add value to the organisation and deliver on time.

Here is a summary of our projects:

  • Railway Safety Advisor to the Saudi Rail Government Regulator, Mainline. Safety certification of the North South Rail freight network. Monitoring the design and implementation of an ERTMS Level 2 system including technical inspections, design audits, verification and safety case implementation. Lead on interoperability within Saudi Arabia.
  • Advisor to the Dutch Government on a solution to ECTS incompatibility problems between lineside and onboard ECTS from different suppliers for the Havenspoorlijn (part of the Betuweroute) in the Netherlands.
  • Railway Safety Manager, ECTS Systems and Safety Expert. RailCorp, NSW. Australia.– Responsible for developing systems engineering and safety acceptance processes for the integration of trackside and on board ECTS systems (L1/2) supplied by Alstom and integrated by Railcorp. Task included detail reviews of ERA specifications e.g. SubSet-026—3 and safety assessment of the requirements specs,
  • Lead NoBo and Independent Safety Assessment (for TÜV Rheinland) of the specific implementation of the Alstom ECTS (ERTMS) system in the BR189 freight locomotive. Assessment of documents, e.g. the Safety Assurance Plan, Project Quality Plan, Master Test Plan, Functional Interface Hazard Analysis, Architectural FMEA, SASC and Architectural Interface Hazard Analysis. Performance of Audits and Test Witnessing.
  • Senior Project Manager/Lead Assessor (for TÜV Rheinland) for Sao Paulo Line 4 Metro Independent Safety Assessment. The role featured successfully managing a team of people and a large budget. Assessment of onboard and wayside automatic train controln (ATO/ATP), interlocking and train door and brake safety functions leading to successful operation. Responsible for formalising the ISA remit and agreeing the approach with the Safety Authority.
  • Lead on Systems Engineering/RAMS,. Performance of Independent Technical Certifier role for London Underground/Transport for London (TFL) for the Systems Engineering/Integration and Systems Safety for the East London Line Project (approx 1 billion pound Rail Project for Mott MacDonald RRA). This certifier’s role was being undertaken on behalf of TFL, and carried the responsibility for surveillance of the systems engineering and RAM/safety activities conducted by ELLP and its contractors for signalling, rolling stock, operations, telecoms etc. Responsible for coordinating reviews of systems engineering and systems safety design for all infrastructure, operations and rolling stock. Use made of GSN (Goal Structured Notation), DOORS and the latest systems engineering methodologies and tools.
  • System Assurance Manager (Bombardier Transportation) – Responsible for the assurance case delivery of a new to the UK, software based interlocking and signalling scheme requiring development of scheme safety case, power supply safety case, axle counter safety case and various Railtrack type approvals including power enclosures, transformers and cables. Responsible for managing team of safety/reliability engineers carrying out various activities including reliability programme for the systems, verification and validation of lifecycle activities. This assignment lasted for 3 years and required liaison at a high level. Independent assessment of signalling telemetry system.
  • Research project undertaken with a Korean Client concerning the development of an ECTS Level 2 Signalling System from 1st principles using a CENELEC EN50129 and a functional description of the system to establish requirements and SILs/ Tolerable Hazard Rates. Methods employed included latest Risk Analysis Approaches.
  • Safety assessment for Croatian Railways for various safety critical systems such as level crossing controls, track circuits and axle counters including Software/hardware and EN50128/9.
  • Principal Safety Specialist tasked with the successful production of an Engineering Safety Case for the wayside equipment, signals and indicators used on the SELTRAC ATP signalling system for use on London Underground. Production of FRACAS system and a reliability growth programme for the signalling products.
  • Casco, Shanghai. Safety Assessment (for TÜV Rheinland) of the Ilock signalling system. Assessment of System Safety Case, System Hazard Analysis, and System Architecture.
  • Westinghouse Ltd. Systems Engineer. Responsible for planning the definition, verification and validation or system requirements for the application of the train control system on behalf of London Underground for the planned signalling upgrades.
  • Development of a case for safety on behalf of Tubelines Ltd for a permanent traction rail current indicator for use on London Underground. Work undertaken entailed following EN50126 for delivery of assurance.
  • Tubelines Limited. Speed Improvements Project Manager. Responsible for assessing and expediting speed improvements across the network based upon vehicle performance, signalling and infrastructure characteristics.
  • RAM Study and Reliability Demonstration of the South Wales Signalling Control Centre for Network Rail. RAM study and maintenance optimisation for the Cooling the Tube project on behalf of London Underground.
  • RAMS Engineer – ESG Derby. Responsible for producing safety and reliability requirement demonstration for use of Class 66 rolling stock for conversion for use on French Railways. This involved all train based signalling safety systems. Work based upon FMEA and Fault Tree techniques.
  • Reading / Didcot Stations (Railtrack): layout risk assessment workshop facilitator, involving SPAD (Signal Past At Danger) risk factor / mitigation measure identification and cost benefit analysis for Railtrack Great Western Zone.
  • West Coast modernisation signalling system assurance specialist working on rams justification of line speed upgrade.