Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Specialist knowledge and accreditation in railway information security

Aligned with the latest engineering, technological changes and industry best practices in cyber security, our processes are backed up with current field experience that provides continuity of business outcomes.

We implement cyber assurance through a risk management framework that is based on the ISO 27001.

Threats from a cyber-attack or the impact of operating in a cyber-denied area

Our approach is tailored to address the risks levels within an organization, taking into account the economic costs of cyber security measures that are assessed. The methodologies utilised are the best practices in mitigating and minimizing the threat to both ICT and ICS.

Our cyber security personnel have extensive experience in accrediting the systems up to the highest levels of security classification, within the Railway and Government institutions in Europe and further.

These services which span ICT, Industrial Control and SCADA systems include:

  • Governance, risk and compliance consultancy.
  • Regulatory and technical compliance consultancy.
  • Threat and vulnerability assessments.
  • Penetration testing.
  • Security policy development and implementation.
  • Business operation continuity and resiliency consultancy.
  • Security technology evaluation and recommendation.
  • Security technology integration.