PTI Vision


Increasing safety and security

The Autonomous Vision Systems work stream is funded via the Rail Safety and Standards Board’s ‘Faster, Safer, Better Boarding and Alighting’ competition. Under this project our intelligent computer vision system is optimising safety and vehicle dwell times. The project is based upon patented technology developed at Lancaster University as part of military-funded research for tracking troop movements from drones. Years of research by Professor Plamen Angelov and Dr Gruff Morris at Lancaster University have allowed the intelligent vision system to be computationally efficient to reduce data dimensionality in detecting both static and moving objects by It autonomously performs platform train interface (PTI) monitoring after bring taught what both a good platform and an errant platform situation looks like. With on-train monitoring, it can also reduce dwell times by indicating space in any given passenger carriage and where bikes, wheelchairs and prams can best be accommodated. This has further potential security applications by monitoring, for example, suspicious luggage or passengers behaving strangely who may be potential suicides or safety/security risks.

Intelligent Computer Vision Agents Optimising PTI Safety and Train Dwell Times

PTI Monitoring System