Workflow Engine for Analysis, Certification & Test

What is it?

WEFACT consists of the WEFACT framework which provides a flexible infrastructure for defining and executing V&V processes. External resources – external processes, tools and standards – are integrated into the WEFACT framework by well-defined interfaces. The safety case of security case respectively is the central output of WEFACT. It summarises the information of the V&V process and provides a basis for the certification of the artefact under test (AUT.)

What it Does

  1. Guides users through the V&V (verification and validation) and certification process
  • Follows functional safety and security standards
  • Provides a workflow starting from definition of requirements to generation of modular and incremental safety and security cases.

2. Helps in identifying and carrying out V&V activities

  • Organises V&V activities in C-plans (validation plans) for controlling the V&V process, supporting traceability and tracking the status.
  • Supports automatic and manual processing of V&V activities using customised integration of V&V methods and V&V tools.

3. Collects documented evidence in repositories

  • Provides an interface for external data and document repositories.
  • Provides templates for reports, e.g. V&V activity reports, validation reports and safety and security case reports.

Also Supporting You With

Test Plan Reviews

  • Gain confidence in your test plan following the appropriate norms

Identifying & Closing Gaps in Testing with State of the Art

  • Following norms might not be enough – know the size of your blind spot
  • Obtain updated test plan/tests closing gaps to the state of the art

Safety Audit Rehearsals

  • AIT’s senior experts help in preparation for an upcoming safety audit

Review of Security Concept and/or Internal Development Workflows

  • Identify potential weaknesses and necessary improvements
  • Based on applicable standards, AIT will review development workflow and suggest improvements

Study and Technology Evaluation & Workshops

  • See how you can profit from new technologies (e.g. virtual testing, automated code analyses)

WEFACT Framework

We are working closely with the Austrian Institute of Technology in Vienna on the WEFACT tool, click here to find out more.